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A natural floor covering can bring an element of timeless beauty to your home’s décor. They complement almost any design perfectly, whether you’re looking to create a vintage den or a modern, contemporary space.


Choose from a selection of rustic natural textures, weaves and patterns made using the finest fibres sourced from nature. Each of these beautiful natural materials tells its own story, and is sourced and developed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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A wool carpet creates a warm and welcoming ambience, and it is soft and comfortable underfoot. It can help insulate a room, protecting from heat and noise and enveloping you in a cosy, relaxed space. This versatile material is naturally hard-wearing too, and it is available in an array of colours and patterns. Choose from 100% fine or chunky wool, and wool combined with other natural materials.



Sisal is the leaf fibre of the plant Agave Sislana, which grows in Brazil and East Africa. The fibre is naturally versatile and resilient, making it ideal for stairs and hallways. It can be woven into beautiful styles and patterns and dyed a range of colours.

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Jute is derived from the Genus Cochorous plant in Asia, and processed and extracted mainly by hand. It is a fine natural fibre which is silky soft to the touch, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.



Seagrass is a natural material which has been in existence for over 1 million years. Sourced from Chinese paddy fields, this material is naturally very resilient. It has a slightly waxy texture which ensures that it is resistant to dirt, but also means it is difficult to dye. Seagrass is available in its natural beige colour, with some inconsistencies where it has been bleached by the Far Eastern sun, which serves to add to its rustic charm.

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Bring a little touch of the exotic to your living room with Coir, which comes from the protective fibres surrounding the coconut. It is carefully extracted using a complex, process, it can be woven tightly or loosely for a different final effect and is available in its natural coconut-coloured hue or lighter bleached shades.



All of our natural flooring materials are sourced from leading brands who are recognised for producing innovative, ethical natural products. They include Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring, Fibre and Kersaint Cobb. For more information about our natural flooring, please get in touch with us today.

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Find us at our new location in Bury Road Find us

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